This iPhone app will make your kid smile before every picture – CNET (blog)

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The Guardian (blog) This iPhone app will make your kid smile before every picture CNET (blog) It’s always a bit frustrating when you’re trying to get your child to pose for a photo and they won’t even look at your iPhone, let alone smile for it.
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For the iPad, Books That Respond to a Child’s Touch

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Interactive children’s books for the iPad are becoming more engaging and, in some cases, are visually stunning.

Michael Carattini‘s insight:

This is a great article about interactive children’s books. I have to try again, but most of the time, my son would rather hit the home button that actually interact with the screen animations. 

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Picturebook — make your own story

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This little app is free and comes with a starter set of illustrations. You can make stories with those but your child will want the farm set, the Halloween set, etc all .99 each, so be careful!
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Life360 – The New Family Circle

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Welcome to the new family circle. Life360 is a family locator, messaging tool and communication app all in one.

Michael Carattini‘s insight:

This is an app I already keep on my iPhone. You can keep track of and communicate with the ones you love.

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Tonight: Dr. Oz gives Piers Morgan a flu shot in front of a live studio audience

I still don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to get the flu shot. I’m glad Piers Morgan is encouraging people to get it.

Piers Morgan

Coming up this evening at 9, as the flu crosses the epidemic threshold this week, with one of the deadliest, strands of the flu virus ripping across the country, “Piers Morgan Tonight” invites Dr. Mehmet Oz to share his perspective on healthy living and protecting yourself from sickness and death.

When it comes to the flu shot, the famed television medical professional advises that “it’s one of those smart things.”

“In life there’s some things that are predictable, there’s some things that aren’t,” says Dr. Oz. “This is one of those events that I think it will be beneficial with very low side effects. We’ve got 130 million of these little vials out there to help people with. Let’s take advantage of it.”

During this hour long special in front of a live studio audience, Dr. Oz also gives tips on preventing and handling illnesses as well as ways to…

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The Disappointing Drawbacks of Flickr’s iPhone App

So, Flickr for theImage iPhone has recently received an update, making it one of the more intuitive and attractive photo-sharing apps out there. After giving it a try, I absolutely loved its UI and overall functionality. The photo filters are solid as well, giving Instagram some much overdue competition. However, one of the most disappointing drawbacks of the app is its limitations on a free account. A normal, free account only allows people to view your most recent 200 photos. You are also limited to uploading only 300 megabytes per month. Additionally, statistics are only available with a paid account. It’s always fun to see how many people are viewing your photos each day, which ones are the most popular, and how people found your photos. These features are only available if you go pro for $24.95 per year. I guess the real photography professionals would be willing to pay this price, but the average Joe would not. Still, the app is fun to use and offers a real alternative to Instagram.

How about you? Do you use Flickr? If so, do the limitations bother you?

Great Word Games for iOS

There are two great word games I have been playing recently, both available for iOS. The first is Letterpress: a multiplayer word game where the object is to change as many letter tiles as possible to your color by creating long words. When all tiles have been changed to a color, the player with the most tiles wins. This is a slower-paced game where you only play one word at a time before the the other player gets a turn. Also, any of your tiles that are surrounded by other tiles of your color get “blocked”. So, your opponent can’t score on that tile for a while. You catch on quickly and the game becomes quite addictive. 

The other title is Ruzzle: a fast-paced word game where you must create as many words as possible in the two-minute time allotted. Some letters are double or triple word scores, which adds a “Scrabble-type” feel to the game. There have been other word games like this one in the past, but this is absolutely one of the better apps. You can battle random people, Facebook friends or even Twitter followers. After three rounds, the highest score wins. You can even use the chat feature to talk some smack to your opponent. 

Please feel free to comment below as to your experiences with either or both of these games. If you’ve played both, which do you like better? 

Have Twitter’s new photo filters swayed you to use their official app over others?

There has been so much hype about Twitter’s new photo filters, but is it really all that great? I’ve tried using Twitter’s iPhone app, and really did give it a fair shot. But, I find myself consistently going back to Tweetbot instead. Even now with this amazing new feature, I still prefer other apps over the official Twitter app, for various reasons. So, which do you prefer, the official app or something else? 

Carbonite iPhone App Backs Up All Your Photos and Videos

ImageCarbonite is an application that keeps your entire computer backed up to the cloud for a yearly fee. I use it for my Mac, giving me some piece of mind, just in case something every happened to my computer and back up drives. Now, with an account, Carbonite offers the same backup protection for your iPhone’s entire camera roll, both photos and videos. It needs a Wifi connection, so you can set it to start uploading new photos and videos when you get home. It’s a free added feature, for now, and absolutely worth it to check it out, especially if you’re running out of iCloud storage space.

Click here to download Carbonite for the iPhone.

Click here to read my HubPages article about solutions for your dwindling iCloud storage space.

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