Great Word Games for iOS

There are two great word games I have been playing recently, both available for iOS. The first is Letterpress: a multiplayer word game where the object is to change as many letter tiles as possible to your color by creating long words. When all tiles have been changed to a color, the player with the most tiles wins. This is a slower-paced game where you only play one word at a time before the the other player gets a turn. Also, any of your tiles that are surrounded by other tiles of your color get “blocked”. So, your opponent can’t score on that tile for a while. You catch on quickly and the game becomes quite addictive. 

The other title is Ruzzle: a fast-paced word game where you must create as many words as possible in the two-minute time allotted. Some letters are double or triple word scores, which adds a “Scrabble-type” feel to the game. There have been other word games like this one in the past, but this is absolutely one of the better apps. You can battle random people, Facebook friends or even Twitter followers. After three rounds, the highest score wins. You can even use the chat feature to talk some smack to your opponent. 

Please feel free to comment below as to your experiences with either or both of these games. If you’ve played both, which do you like better? 


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