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Have Twitter’s new photo filters swayed you to use their official app over others?

There has been so much hype about Twitter’s new photo filters, but is it really all that great? I’ve tried using Twitter’s iPhone app, and really did give it a fair shot. But, I find myself consistently going back to Tweetbot instead. Even now with this amazing new feature, I still prefer other apps over the official Twitter app, for various reasons. So, which do you prefer, the official app or something else? 


Carbonite iPhone App Backs Up All Your Photos and Videos

ImageCarbonite is an application that keeps your entire computer backed up to the cloud for a yearly fee. I use it for my Mac, giving me some piece of mind, just in case something every happened to my computer and back up drives. Now, with an account, Carbonite offers the same backup protection for your iPhone’s entire camera roll, both photos and videos. It needs a Wifi connection, so you can set it to start uploading new photos and videos when you get home. It’s a free added feature, for now, and absolutely worth it to check it out, especially if you’re running out of iCloud storage space.

Click here to download Carbonite for the iPhone.

Click here to read my HubPages article about solutions for your dwindling iCloud storage space.

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